Created by First Nations artist Judith Anya Samson, a Putijarra woman.

"When I paint I think about my old people, my elders, and the stories they used to tell me- about walking around in Country. They used to ...walk around there, in our place. And now I'm painting it in my own style. In my own way, I tell these stories for the old people. The ones who have passed away. Remembering my old people makes me feel strong.

We drink water at Puntawarri. We clean and dig that waterhole. This Country is Puntawarri. My nanna, [decease Martumili artist Dadda Samson], taught me to paint this Country. Puntawarri is important because it is my pop’s, my nannas' husband’s, place. They camped there and went hunting for goanna or anything, kangaroo or turkey. At Puntawarri there are all the waterholes. Good hunting this Country. There is still some Rabbit Proof Fence there."

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Date: 2023
Copyright © Judith Anya Samons, Martumili Artists (Shire of East Pilbara)
Exclusively licensed by Life Apparel Co