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GET TO KNOW: Shara Delaney

Say hey to one of our new amazing collaborative artists, Shara Delaney from Quandamooka country. Shara's beautiful wo...

Meet African born, Australian raised singy-dancy girl, Lisa Viola.

We are proud to have Lisa as one of our Life Apparel ambassadors, wearing our garments out and about with pride. We c...

Mahalia Handley on modelling, confidence & wearing what you stand for.

Having graced Vogue Italia & being a strong advocate for body positivity and inclusivity across gender & rac...

Meet our brand ambassador & Survivor Runner Up, Sharn Coombes!

Meet Australian Survivor's 2018 runner-up, criminal barrister & super-mum - Sharn Coombes. She was unable to pers...


We searched Australia's talent far and wide for our next model... And boy, did we hit the jackpot with Perry Mooney!

GET TO KNOW: Rachael Sarra

Summer 18/19 collaborating artist, Rachael Sarra talks finding inspiration in mental states & putting Aboriginal ...


...Oh, hey there! You found us, way to go!  Welcome to our blog. Here we will share loads of exciting things, includi...
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